Drawing in Silver and Gold

Drawing in Silver and Gold

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Old Master techniques fascinate us and metal point drawing is no exception. With metal point, artists can produce beautifully rendered drawings with delicate lines, but the medium is also unforgiving of errors.

We recently travelled to Washington, DC to see Drawing in Silver and Gold, a “shimmering” exhibition dedicated to this medium. We brought home the exhibition catalogue, and it’s paired in this photo with the notebook featuring Leonardo da Vinci’s fantastic Warrior (a silverpoint drawing included in the exhibition) purchased on one of our first visits to The British Museum. The exhibition has completed its run in Washington and will be on view at The British Museum later this fall.

Coral Reefs at the Natural History Museum

World Oceans Day and Drawing Inspiration

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In May we travelled to London and visited the Natural History Museum’s exhibition, Coral Reefs: Secret Cities of the Seas. What a fantastic exhibition! In addition to appreciating the specimens on display for their intrinsic value, we took away a massive number of photos and inspiration for future art projects. For World Oceans Day, we are sharing a few of the exquisite coral forms and textures we spotted at the exhibition. #WorldOceansDay

Moroni at the Royal Academy

Moroni at the Royal Academy of Arts

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We thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. We arrived knowing very little of the 16th century Italian artist Giovanni Battista Moroni’s work but left eagerly wanting to know more. His ability to paint fabrics, furs and jewels was brilliant, and we stayed until closing to study and admire his handling of paint. Particular favourites of ours included his rosy-cheeked Portrait of a Young Lady, the casually-posed Portrait of Prospero Alessandri, and the Portrait of a Tailor (see photo).

The Canada Memorial in London

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With the 70th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy this year, we wanted to share a photo from a poignant moment during one of our trips. Wherever and whenever we can, we set aside time to visit the Canadian war memorials located overseas. The Canada Memorial in London’s Green Park was erected in 1992. It is a tribute to the nearly 1,000,000 Canadians who served and the 110,000 who gave their lives in the First and Second World Wars. The face of the memorial is a cascade of falling maple leaves.

The Canada Memorial

Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomist

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In 2012, The Queen’s Gallery in London held the largest ever exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s studies of the human body. We travelled to London to see it.

Imperial War Museum London

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We visited the museum in 2012, and in July 2014 the museum will reopen with new First World War Galleries and a newly configured atrium. To stand in the old atrium and look up at the suspended aircraft was impressive enough; we’re looking forward to seeing the renovations. The Holocaust Exhibition at the museum is fantastically designed and highly recommended.