Drawing in Silver and Gold

Drawing in Silver and Gold

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Old Master techniques fascinate us and metal point drawing is no exception. With metal point, artists can produce beautifully rendered drawings with delicate lines, but the medium is also unforgiving of errors.

We recently travelled to Washington, DC to see Drawing in Silver and Gold, a “shimmering” exhibition dedicated to this medium. We brought home the exhibition catalogue, and it’s paired in this photo with the notebook featuring Leonardo da Vinci’s fantastic Warrior (a silverpoint drawing included in the exhibition) purchased on one of our first visits to The British Museum. The exhibition has completed its run in Washington and will be on view at The British Museum later this fall.

Peabody Essex Museum and Turner and the Sea


We flew to Massachusetts this month to see the Turner and the Sea exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum located in Salem. Well worth the trip. The number of Turner pieces included in the exhibition was phenomenal. Particularly inspiring was the the assortment of Turner watercolor sketches and the opportunity to glimpse his work process.

Medieval Treasures from the Hildesheim Exhibition


A liturgical fan from the Medieval Treasures from the Hildesheim exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. From Hildesheim Cathedral for ceremonially fanning the altar. Made with gilded copper alloy, rock crystal, and semiprecious stones, the fan is more symbolic than practical. From our trip to NYC in the fall of 2013.

Hildesheim Liturgical Fan